Some more DIY

November 17, 2009

This weekend saw the return of beloved friend Yang Li. Old times were revisited by “losing” ourselves in traditional Josh, Jonny and Yang style.

To go along with the fun we felt a souvenir was a good idea. The needle and ink came out and once again me and yang became blood-brothers.

Half way

Jordan 23

In the name of fun

Never grow up

As ever, a pleasure x



No one particular jacket style has earned as much attention in its life time as the 20-year old Goggle Jacket conceived by C.P. Company. The jacket created for open-top endurance racing events was recently commemorated in an event at the Henry Moore Gallery at the Royal College of Art in London. One of my biggest influences and highly respected designer Aitor Throup re-designed the jacket this year and was brought on board to curate the event.


Toil for the 20th anniversary Goggle Jacket


fin 2

Aitor’s finished garment

The Goggle Jacket (Mille Miglia)

The Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles ) was an open-road endurance race which took place in Italy twenty-four times from 1927 to 1957 (thirteen before the war, eleven from 1947).

Aitor has designed and made the 20th anniversary piece (limited to 364) arround the history of the thousand mile race, creating the shape and functionality of the jacket around the sitting position. Made of Gor-tex pro-shell and dyed using the tinto-terra (earth dyed) method the jacket has once again been made to stand as a true icon.







Some examples of vintage Goggle Jackets from the SPW archives.

A fantastic man and close friend Kopi has just started a new adventure in New York, working with Thom Browne. Good luck, you are missed already and see you in december!




Take care Killer x

August Fun

September 8, 2009

A few things of interest, laughter and disgust…

dragTurbo shandy in Chesterfield.

chickenGet stuffed

sinkAlex’s personal toilet

billThanks Yang

drag2A fun day at the office, thanks Kim!

red eyeRed Eye for Ingham

vivVivienne Bruiser Hemsley

Tour De Palace

August 1, 2009

On Tuesday me and some friends went to Crystal Palace to support Rhys for his first race of the season, after being out due to injury. We came with houmous, carrots, beer and a camera. Here is a quick story board of an eventful evening…

num 1


lots ppl

2nd in bunch


3 boys


round outside





all 4

me zandy

Well done Rhys!

Too Young to Die

July 27, 2009

I am a big fan of heritage, believing that history only adds to the value and interest of things. Like clothing, cars and most other things people are no exception to this. Here are just a few images that both inspire and make me happy.


Chris Coekin and David Campany



Dash Snow




Richard Billingham


percy lee  Peater dean rickardsdavid hockneybmw

Advanced Style

grandad with lian baby

Sorry Lian, but your Grandad is just too cool!

Monday 20th july 16:05, we are both very bored. I (Josh) am supposed to be drawing and  Alex (Zandy) is playing PS3, badly. Here we go…


Q – What is your opinion on Central Saint Martins?

A – Expensive Wank.

Q – What are you going to do tonight?

A – Tonight i am going to pretend to write an article for environmental graffiti that was    supposed to be done by yesterday, then i am going to have a wank.

Q – Anything else?

A –  Nope.

Q – What is your favorite thing to want to?

A – The new Harry Potter film followed by a bucket of KFC chicken and a bottle of  Tizer, this then makes me poo.

Q – What is the strangest thing you have ever seen?

A – Honest answer is this…


It just doesn’t make any sense, there is no explanation. It bothers me.

Q – Tell me about the funniest thing you have ever seen.

A – A number of things, maybe the funniest thing… I once trapped my brother in my garden shed, a group of us leant against the door preventing his escape. He started to throw himself against the door, as he paused for rest we walked away. Finally when he regained stamina he threw himself at the door, launching himself 3 metres past us like he was performing long jump in the Olympics.

Q – Why does your bum hurt, and do you think this will affect the lack of control you seem to have of your bowels?

A – My arse hurts because we went on an epic bike ride last night and i was sat on a seat that may well have been made of stone, and it fucked my backside, and it is a myth that i have bowel problems…

Q – What was the 2nd best thing that happened an your recent holiday to Italy? (we all know the highlight…)

A –  The naked, gay antics.

Q – When did you last have sex, and how was the experience?

A – 8 weeks ago and it didn’t go as planned…

Q – Who would you most like to kill in the world rite now?

A – So many answers, but, Seth whatever his name is, the CUNT that created Family Guy.

Q – Do you look like Peter Griffin?

A – Im not answering that question.

peter a peater

Q – Thanks Alex, any final words?

A – Yer, Valley Parade














Stansted: Ryan-air = luxury: Tuscany: Ewan before the train hit him: “good morning Elena”: Good food can make a difference: Half naked and very unhappy: Just a quick sketch i did in Florence: Friends: God at his peak: The butterfly that wanted to marry Rob, and wouldn’t give up… congratulations!: Kings of the jungle: Windowlicker.


July 18, 2009


17th July 9.30pm


18th July 03.00am (my doorstep)

Last night we lost our friend… we then found him asleep like a hedgehog on my doorstep. Good night, good company.

When Dikembe Mutombo threatened, as many did, to shut down Michael Jordan, he was the one shut down by a blind free throw followed by a short sentence “welcome to the NBA”.

con·fi·dence – The state or quality of being certain.